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meh i havent posted here for a while……. new stuff on club penguin are the new pin found in the mine (go into the hidden lake)


Hello Penguins!

Lots of you are asking what’s coming up! Here are some of the things you’ll see in July:june 30th - month in advance2.jpgI can’t say too much just yet, but brand new features are on their way…

In other news, check out the new items at the Gift Shop today – and then head to the Iceberg to see the fireworks! As always, we want to hear what you’re doing, so let us know.

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

ok, so i guess the music jams coming up, July 9-18.

so sundays july 4th, what are you guys doing?

Petsociety has a bunch on new items for independence day, which include BOYS and girls clothes 🙂




Club Penguin news

Posted On June 15, 2010

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CP is coming out to the WII! It will be released in September this year, so be prepared to play CP on the WII!

New pin! It is a seashell pin and it’s at the iceberg.

Something new is about to begin! It’s the Island Adventure Party! And it looks like Rockhopper is coming the celebrate the party with us! You can see the decorations scattered all over club penguin. You can learn more about this event in the newspaper on the first page.

You can tell us how excited you are just comment!



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sorry bout not posting…

here is a list of the current charms:

the soccer ball charm is in the explorers camp,  near the clothing tent.

dw charms explorers camp

the smiley face charm is in prestos edge, near the enterance.dw charms prestos edge

the blue gift charm is in prestos grove, near where presto is standing.

dw charms prestos grove

the sunglasses charm is in cerulean reef, and you must have a diving helmet to get in.

dw charms cerulean reef

the last charm, the orange butterfly charm is tricky to find. you must have the ghost ray power to find it.go to tanglevine jungle and use the ghost ray power on the big tree near the entrance. You’ll find the chest behind the tree. (that one took me 4ever to find.)

dw charms 1 tanglevine jungle

and the monkey charm can be obtained only if youre a member. accept the moonpebble mission and go to skytown.

dw charms skytown

(pics coming soon)


Sandbar Palooza Video Contest Winners!

Posted On August 12, 2009

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from Dizzywood Explorers Journal by The Dizzywood Team

Well done, Explorers! We received so many fun and creative submissions for the Sandbar Palooza video contest. Dizzies rocked out to music, threw parties on the beach, put on plays about pirates and stolen treasure, and featured their friends in Dizzywood.

We hope you had fun at this year’s Sandbar Palooza. Alas, the tides have turned and the sandbar has submerged under water once again. But, we have more exciting activities in the works, so stay tuned for upcoming events in the ‘Wood…news of a Fall Fashion Show has been circulating among residents!

We know you’ve been dying to find out the results, so we won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Congratulations to the Sandbar Palooza winners listed below, and thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put together these fabulous videos.

Dizzywood Sandbar Palooza WINNERS!

Palooza Pirates – CptnSparrow, HappyBirdDay, Sushi99, Charco, janh, flower_sprite

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – exit9, YoDudeYo, tcncdizzy, sweetlucky, tahtahtah, roxy217

Sandbar Tour Guide – Volcome_Chic285

Dizzywood Sandbar Palooza ALL Submissions

Check out all the videos submitted for the contest at the Dizzywood YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dizzywood

Something NEW is Coming!

from Dizzywood Explorers Journal by The Dizzywood Team

She’s magical, mysterious, and appears during a full moon;  she’s Moonpebble! And we’ve just got word that she’s going to be scattering something very special for the citizens of Dizzywood this weekend.

Moonpebble's Charm Chests

What do you make of it?



Groomfur’s House of Fashion Open for Business

Posted On August 7, 2009

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from Dizzywood Explorers Journal by The Dizzywood Team

The doors to Groomfur’s new clothing store opened today and Dizzywood citizens were seen running in trying on every item they could get their hands on! We even saw some groups of friends getting together to hold fashion shows to show off the new styles they had just purchased.

Shopping the New Store

Groomfur really went out of his way to create an enormous place for everyone to shop. There’s a little something there for everyone, so make sure to play some games and complete some Missions to save up coins. You’ll need them as Groomfur is proving that he charges top dollar for high quality fashions!

What are your favorite Groomfur fashions?

*And don’t forget, Sandbar Palooza ends this coming Monday, August 10th. Winners of the Sandbar Palooza Video Contest will also be announced Monday so stay tuned!

groomfurs new shop is OPEN!

Posted On August 7, 2009

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Woohoo!!! Finally something for non members -.-

get through the entrance in presto’s edge.

WHAT!!!NOT EVEN 10 NON MEMBER ITEMS. Well the winner to the website that is really unfair, DIZZYWOOD!!!!



Groomfur’s House of Fashion Opening TOMORROW!!!

Posted On August 6, 2009

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from Dizzywood Explorers Journal by Groomfur

Fashionistas and Fashionistos of Dizzywood,

I’m super excited to give you an update on my spectacular clothing store. I know you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats to hear when it’s going to open, and I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer. Fashion sometimes takes time, and I’ve just about–WHAT am I doing just blabbing? I’m just making you wait longer aren’t I? Ok, ok, OK!

The Grand Opening of my SPECTACULAR House of Fashion is this Friday, August 7!

Groomfurs New Clothing

What you see above are just a few of the new fashions that will grace the racks of my new store. I can’t wait to see you all walking around in my designer fashions. Dizzywood is going to be so good looking that I’ll have to walk around with a hose! I’ll stop talking about how great my store will be, and just let you decide for yourself!

Did I also mention that I’ll have costumes for sale? I’ve taken notice of Dizzywood citizens putting on plays, and I just know you’ll LOVE to have these costumes! Who knows, maybe you’ll start a Fashion Club or a Drama Club. That would just be FABULOUS!

Don’t forget to save up your coins!

DW Fashion Legend,




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whee! it’s here~the sandbar palooza!

go to breakwater beach to get started. click the sign to get to the sandbar palooza!

you’ll see  admiral hawksbill there. click on him and he says you can play games to get free stuff!

Click on the treasure chest, and you’ll get a captain’s hat! Something is wrong with dw or my acc, because my hat has disappeared and i dont know where it is. (ive already contacted dw)

anyway, have fun!


Posted On July 30, 2009

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well uh ill post sometimes i guess, but not much..

So, yellow won for the color war. Woohoo! I got a trophy!

Message in a Bottle? What?

by Cecil Sideshuffle on July 21, 2009

Message in a Bottle

Whoa! Check it out dudes and dudettes, I snapped this photo just before the waves started coming in. I popped the cork, and there was this handy lil’ message inside just waiting to be read. So I read it. And I giggled to see that it was from my bud, Admiral Hawksbill. I haven’t heard from that dude in like forever. It’s good to hear he’s still roaming the seas. He didn’t say that he was coming, but it kinda sounds like he knows that a magical sandbar is going to appear soon. I’ll keep my eyes on the sky too, because there’s no way I want to miss a party! Right? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, head over to Breakwater Beach and read the lil’ message for yourself.


Cecil Sideshuffle


Beach Hut Clothing Sale!

by Cecil Sideshuffle on July 22, 2009

Yo buds, it’s moi again!

So get this. I have a seventh sense that something krazy is going to happen in Dizzywood when the stars, moon and that other stuff align. My bro Hawksbill sent a message about some sandbar appearing, right? Well, let me tell you this, I’ve seen it! No lie, man. I’ve seen it, and it’s so rad that I can’t even say how rad it is because you’ll go krazy!

So while you’re all fishing and catching waves, I’m putting in a big order of some party necessities. And, I figured now would be the best time to slash my Beach Hut prices so you can all get some shopping in before I restock with all the new beach apparel that’s coming in.

Look to shop my Beach Hut for slashed prices starting this Friday, July 24.  Write it on your hand or whatever, but don’t forget. Breakwater Beach. Friday. Sale. Sale. Sale.

Peace out,

Cecil Sideshuffle

P.S. Did you guys see that Hawksbill sent another message in a bottle. It’s good to hear from the dude and all, but I hope my beach doesn’t get covered in those things. So be careful walking the beach!

Cecil Sideshuffle

Winter in July? It’s True!

by The Dizzywood Team on July 25, 2009

Snow in July

You’re eyes are not playing tricks on you. It really is snowing in Dizzywood! We were just as surprised as you. It turns out that the Winter Wizard, Articus Frost somehow heard about the beach party that’s being planned and got a tad bit jealous. Who knows what really went on behind closed doors when the Summer and Winter Wizards met up, but it looks like Articus got his way.

Tell your friends to meet you in the ‘Wood for a little fun in the snow before the Summer Wizard gets his revenge and melts it all away for the beach party coming soon!

Happy Winter in July explorers!

*Superb Shopping Store Coming Soon!*

by Groomfur on July 25, 2009

Beautiful explorers of Dizzywood!

It is so… so…how shall I say…MARVELOUS to finally introduce myself. I’ve been so busy running around working on something big for you, that I haven’t had time to say my proper hello’s!

Anywho, I’m not only here to introduce myself; I’ve come to shout some super SUPER great news. Business has been booming for me since the opening of my store in Canal City, so I’ve decided it’s about time I expand. With the consent of Presto, I’ve decided to buy out the Clothing Booth in Presto’s Edge and make the clothing warehouse of my dreams!

This is my vision (just close your eyes and imagine it with me):

A clothing warehouse, three times larger than the Clothing Booth is now. Racks, and racks of FIERCE styles. Shelves stocked with only the best hats and glasses around, and mannequins dressed in the most BREATHTAKING costumes you’ve ever seen. Do you see it? And the best part of my vision…I’ll have something for everyone, so if you’ve earned the coins, you’ll have a place to spend them!

Presto told me that there were lots of you carrying around backpacks of coins, so I thought to myself, “Why, of course! Everyone should be able to spend their coins in my warehouse. I wouldn’t want you strutting the ‘Wood in anything less than MARVELOUS!” I’m just about done putting the final touches to the store of our dreams my friends, so watch for it opening very soon! It’s going to change the way you shop, (and look) in Dizzywood. I promise!

The One & Only,



P.S. Some of you asked for a sneak peek? I wouldn’t want to disappoint, so here’s a small sneaky peeky:

Groomfur's Warehouse

Sandbar Palooza

by The Dizzywood Team on July 30, 2009

Ahoy Dizzywood!

The season’s hottest party is about to hit, and we want to make sure you’re ready! Sandbar Palooza kicks off this Friday, July 31st thru August 10.

New costumes, beach furniture, tasty tropical drinks, towels, swimsuits, free items, and so much more are all yours when you attend the biggest party on Tilly’s Sandbar.

Wreaked Ship

It looks like Tilly, the sea monster has been creeping her way up from the dark waters because we were able to catch a glimpse of a wrecked ship emerging from the deep waters. If you look closely, it looks like there’s a staircase leading down to an underwater area. We hear there’s going to be a special underwater dance party for Members-Only, so take caution when walking down those steps (they’re slippery!).

You’re not going to want to miss this party that’s for sure! So grab your buds, and get ready to let loose on this special occasion when the stars, moon, and sun align allowing a magic sandbar to appear!

We’ll see you at the party!


The Sea Sprite’s Secret:

first go to breakwater beach. talk to the sea sprite and he says he has a “secret”. but then you have to play a game….forcefield-5 goals and you win,he tells you a secret, it is about the hawaiian themed party cecil is planning. you get 300 coins.

Articus’s books:

first go to tanglevine jungle. find the book, it’s on the little island in  tanglevine jungle.

articus's books

well uh something’s wrong on my acc. when i click on the book it says i found a hibiscus flower …… so idk about the rest of the mission..

bye guys!

Im really sorry…

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Sorry Guys! I can’t post any more. Once school starts, ill be back. Every day, i come home from summer famp at like 7 pm then eat dinner and  then i have a lot of stuff to do. Bye, ill see you in september! again, im sorryy!!!!!

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